Summer - here we come

Gimli Beach facing north

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June 21st is the longest day of the year. It is the summer solstice. At the North Pole on that day, the sun never sets.
It’s a good time to welcome some warmth because in another six months, it will be Dec. 21st, the shortest day of the year. We will likely be inside most of that dark day.
Given that perspective and the knowledge of imminent change, celebrate!
The summer solstice is the midpoint of the year, but the highpoint of energy and illumination. It signifies a new beginning. And you thought New Year’s Day was the beginning of the year!
If you follow the movements of the sun and the cyclical nature of the seasons, you might find that many rituals from different cultures are based on these peaks and valleys. This is a parallel to life’s journey too.
If you recognize this pattern as familiar, it might be reassuring to know that it’s consistently found throughout the ages in nature. This might make any current challenge you face less stressful because you not only know it will change; you know it’s predictable change.
Count on it. Just like we count the days.
Instead of focusing on cardinal sins, look up cardinal directions.
Then there’s the ‘vicious circle.’ Like Groundhog Day, you recognize it and you don’t want to keep repeating it, yet, you can’t help going around and around again.
An example would be when people refuse to face themselves and evolve. They don’t want to admit to feelings or to being wrong when in fact; those are the greatest spiritual purposes for having a human experience. To learn and to feel should not be underestimated.
You know when you’re driving to work and someone who thinks they’re more important than you races up, tails you, and cuts you off only to be right beside you at the red light? They have no idea where you’re coming from. It could be from the hospital. It could be to a funeral.
Either way, if they own the road, they should fix it.
But if you, in your infinite graciousness, can refrain from raising your middle finger, hold up a mirror instead. Maybe then, they can see exactly how impatient and dissatisfied they look with themselves in their haste and ignorance.
Life is not a competition. It’s a circle. Don’t race. Dance.