May the force be with you

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What has power over you? If you own your failings, you own the world. That is where your strength lies.

Jedi knights are taught to control their mind or it controls them. When they have found peace of mind, they can focus on what brings peace to the world.

They didn’t shy away from the dark side, but they didn’t indulge it either. I know we all think fear is pretty ugly up close, but once we face it, it becomes familiar and less intimidating.

If you use chaos, violence or drugs to mitigate pain or destroy people and things, that is not progress. That is actually harm inducing in an effort to evade harm. How futile.

Breaking free of old institutions and out-dated, ineffective methods may require breaking, but no one has to get hurt.

Don’t let the masses determine your worth. Decide for yourself. If you don’t like how the world makes you feel, you can object, you can succumb or you can change. Once you change, the world changes with you, but the choice is always yours. Go within.

Only you have power over you. Once you realize that, you can exercise the full force of your power over everyone and anyone including yourself, by allowing all to be.

Those with power do not use force. If you have to use force to overcome another, you are showing your weakness. When your energy goes to exerting control over people, you give your power away. Empowerment is when you let others choose.

Sometimes that which holds you makes you secure. Sometimes, that which holds you strangles you. Only you can decide when those structures are too tight. They may have been put in place to serve a very good purpose, to support you. But, did you know that you would outgrow that comfort only to find it constricting?

We change. Therefore, it is fair to expect those supporting structures to change too.

And often they don’t. They are rigid for a reason and they must be broken for that same reason. However, for safety the Jedi would use their training to protect and for personal growth, the Jedi would use compassion and let go of past deeds.

We can only become.

Find the political or spiritual representative who wants to allow you to become great. Find Obi-Wan Kenobi and vote for him.