Conscious culture raising the bar for perception of self, others

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There has been a lot written about raising consciousness and raising the frequency of the planet, these days. But what does this really mean?

Raising the frequency is just a way for new agers to say what other religions have been preaching all along: Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

Basically, just be nice. Be aware of how your actions impact others and you will connect with likewise frequencies.

In the book The Secret, this simple technique is said to cause all other frequencies to simply fade away and no longer come into your reality.

Basically, if you are kind and consistently speak and think well of others, they will match that frequency or simply go away and make room for others who will match your consciousness level.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine published an article about plant consciousness and the fascinating evidence that plants have human-level intelligence, feelings, pain and more.

Increasing numbers of researchers, in a multiplicity of fields, are beginning to acknowledge that intelligence is an inevitable aspect of all organisms. Sophisticated neural networks are a hallmark of life, the article said.

So, if everything that is alive is aware, then everything alive feels love and synergy. In fact, everything alive requires love and synergy.

Just think about how you feel when you arrive home and your best friend, housemate, child, puppy or kitty (etc.) bounces over to the door to meet you with their own special kind of love.

Not only are we are all connected, we require that connection to survive.

If you follow my column, then you will know that I wrote about how the heart is 5,000 times more powerful than the brain magnetically, so in my opinion, I feel that if anything has a pulse, then it can feel and deserves to be respected.

There have been studies showing that love is so important, babies who don’t get held but get fed will potentially not survive, even though all their other physical needs are being met.

We require contact, we require love and connection. We require a conscious culture.

Raising the consciousness is raising our awareness and raising frequency is seeing above the haze of what is being sold to us as truth and feeling our own internal compass, which is our emotions. Our gut feeling. Our hearts.

While recycling and using bamboo toothbrushes is definitely one way to do to help save the planet, another is simply connecting with our own authenticity so that we can connect with others for our own happiness so that we can benefit others.

In an online course offered by Lumin Learning, a company based out of the  United States in Portland, Oregon, you can actually trace the history of the scientific study of the states of consciousness.

Lumin’s course on consciousness describes how, for over 2000 years, questions surrounding human consciousness have been baffling philosophers from Plato to Descartes. Descartes was noted for his dualist theory of consciousness, in which the physical body is separate from the immaterial mind. He also gave us the most famous summary of human consciousness: “I think, therefore I am.”

However, today, Lumin says that the primary focus of consciousness research is on understanding what consciousness means both biologically and psychologically. It questions what it means for information to be present in consciousness, and seeks to determine the neural and psychological correlates of consciousness.

Basically, our everyday inner workings of our brains gives rise to a single cohesive reality and a sense of an individual self. So connecting with others first starts with understanding yourself and what makes you tick.

Maybe this is how all life works. Heart to heart. Maybe it’s not our minds that we need to open, but our hearts.

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