Kinloch Grove welcoming events to Matlock

Allie Reardon Smith is the owner and event coordinator of Kinloch Event Centre in Matlock, Man. (Brook Jones/Interlake Spectator/Postmedia Network)

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Allie Reardon Smith is the face behind a new business in the community of Matlock.

The 32-year-old is the owner and event coordinator of Kinloch Grove Event Centre, which specializes in hosting weddings and other special events.

The University of Manitoba graduate is not alone in her business venture as she has a partnership with her father, Jerry Reardon Smith.

Reardon Smith noted the unique business name derives itself from a hotel her family once owned in Scotland, which is located close to the Isle of Mull.

“My dad used to cottage there when he was a kid,” Reardon Smith said, who also studied at Red River College. “It is still there. It’s not in operation, but the building is still there. It’s really nice. I thought that was a really clever name because kin means family, loch means lake and up here on Chalet Beach Road is our family lake that we’ve had for 20 years, so that was a really nice way to pay tribute to family.”

The Winnipeg resident noted the logo for the local business is a phoenix.

“That’s because of my dad’s mom’s family crest has a phoenix in it,” she explained. “Just as many family oriented things as we can.”

Reardon Smith said the best selling feature for people to book their special events at Kinloch is the fact it’s family oriented and also it’s in the middle of nature in Manitoba’s Interlake region.

“It’s just so beautiful and green up here,” she said. “As much nature as we can pull into our logo.”

Reardon Smith noted how venues and facilities in the industry are changing when it comes to hosting weddings and booking other special events and that she wants to keep up with the times.

“People want that outside feel, but for the city vibe,” she added. “No, you can’t have this style in the city so how many amenities can you bring out to the cabin and that’s what we have been really focusing on and trying to make it as comfortable and as modern as possible, while still making it an outdoor feel.”

When visitors arrive at Kinloch, they’ll first notice the 3,200 square foot tent, which pops out from the natural setting. The outdoor area also features a spot for wedding ceremonies.

“There are hand painted benches, which can seat about 150 people,” said.

Located at 657 Chalet Beach Rd., Reardon Smith noted the vibe at Kinloch comes from guests experiencing the beautiful sunlight and the crisp air in Matlock.

“All this is so important,” Reardon smith added.

The venue also includes as hand built outdoor chimney for those who wish to have a fire to relax in front of.

“We will be able to offer wood if people want to roast marshmallows or just hang out by the fire,” she said.

When looking ahead, Reardon Smith said that she hopes to one day host farmers markets.

“I would love to be involved in the community that way,” she added. “The possibilities are endless.”

Kinloch Grove is now booking for 2020 and 2021. Reardon Smith added that the facility will be ready to host events in May 2020.

The venue will be open from the May long weekend to the end of September for bookings for weddings.

“Weddings are so diverse and different and so unique,” she said.

The facility will also be open for other special events, such as conferences and retreats.

“We have weekdays that we can also occupy the facility,” she said.

For more information visit For viewing photos of Kinloch Grove, check out their Instagram page.