Interlakers driving a Tesla through Inwood

Torrence and Chris Ledwich found themselves a Tesla car only a few months ago and have been happy with the savings that they have estimated are around $800 in gas, monthly. Pictured: The Ledwichs stand with their family pet, Hulk, in front of their electric vehicle made by Tesla, the car company. Photo by Twyla Siple / Interlake Publishing

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If you live in Inwood, you may have seen an electric vehicle driving around in the last few months. That’s because Torrence and Chris Ledwich, a couple who live on a farm just outside Inwood in the RM of Armstrong, just bought one.

They told the Interlake Spectator that after taking a trip across Europe, they became inspired by electric vehicles.

“While in Paris, we saw a Tesla dealership,” Torrence explained. “From then on, Chris was fascinated by Tesla and electric vehicles in general. He was  frustrated that North America was so behind Europe with electric vehicles, they even had charging infrastructure established when most people had never heard of them.”

Chris said that he considered buying one right away, but it wasn’t feasible yet.

“We looked at other electric cars but the driving ranges were too short. In 2014, we attempted to purchase our first Tesla, but as we were living in the city, and Torrence was a full-time student, it didn’t work out,” he said.

From then on, Chris watched and Auto Trader for a deal and found one about two months ago.

They said that the advantages far outweigh the costs and that they did their research before taking the plunge.

“Sticker prices for Tesla are very high. Even with the model 3, their affordable vehicle, they’ll end up costing $50,000 brand new,” Torrence explained. “We save up to $800 in fuel costs a month commuting with the Tesla rather than our 4 cylinder Diesel Colorado we traded. The Tesla is one of the safest vehicles on the road with a five-star safety rating. Sustainable transport, no more dealing with messy gas and oil changes and the list goes on and on.”

“The truck we had before was around $60,000 so we are still saving,” Torrence said.

Chris is an apprenticing millwright and ex oil field worker and Torrence is currently on maternity leave from being a residential supervisor. She is due on August 2.

“The cost is a little overwhelming,” Chris said. “But if you look at the long term, these cars will go 600,000 km and more with minimal maintenance.”

The couple said they don’t know anyone else yet who owns an electric vehicle, but they hope to influence people by leading by example.

“There is no other vehicle like it. The benefits outweigh the cost,” Torrence said. “Commuting with an electric vehicle is possible. Winter is not as draining on batteries as people would expect.”

“If anyone is considering an electric vehicle, it doesn’t have to be a Tesla,” Torrence said. “Lots of companies are coming out with long range EV’s. Part of the reason Elon Musk released his patents was so sustainable transport could advance.”

“We payed $65,000, and brand new it would’ve been around $90,000. Not having to go to a gas station is one great thing. There is free charging in Winnipeg. Red River College has a fast charger,” Torrence said. “There’s no oil changes, transmission fluid, etc. It’s a battery and a couple working parts like ball joints you may have to service every few years depending how much you drive.”

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