Grahamdale farm robbed, stripped of windows, doors, siding

A family farm in the Interlake was robbed of its doors, windows and siding at the beginning of August. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the victims of the theft rebuild.

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A family farm located just outside of Moosehorn in the RM of Grahamdale was robbed at the beginning of August, according to the property owner, Sarah Giancola, who lives in Winnipeg.

“We’re right off of Hwy 6 on Dewald Rd,” Giancola told The Interlake Spectator on Aug. 10. “They named the road after my family.”

The theft allegedly happened just a few days before her boyfriend, Bobby Kerr, arrived to check on the property Aug. 6. 

Stolen items included siding, windows, doors and a lawnmower.

Above: This is what the buildings looked like before the siding, doors and windows were removed. Submitted photo


Above: This tree was where the lawnmower was secured and then cut down for the theft of the equipment. Submitted Photo


“My neighbour said it was fine just a few days (before that). We asked if he had seen anything strange… and he said no,” Giancola explained.

Giancola inherited the farm when her mother passed away from cancer.

“The farm has been in our family for generations. I’m the fifth generation,” she said.  “When mom passed, I couldn’t go to the farm for a few years. I just couldn’t deal with it, knowing she loved it so much and everything.”

Giancola said that by not going the original home on the farm, it fell apart beyond repair. 

“My great great grandmother and grandfather were the first to step foot at the farm and made it the family home and farmed the land,” Giancola reminisced. 

“It has taken us years to get this far with the farm, as it can get tough financially, but now this has set her back even longer. I felt guilty for not taking care of it so I started to rebuild another home. That’s the one that was robbed of everything,” she said. “I planned to permanently live out there with my kids, Bella, who is 22-years-old, and my son Peyton who is six.  We didn’t have any insurance because it wasn’t completely finished, and honestly I never in my wildest dreams thought anything like this would happen.”

Giancola said that the farmland had always been her safe place.

“My boyfriend works up north a lot and he always checks in at the farm every time he goes up. When he first pulled up he thought (it may have been a) tornado, but then he realized that it was stripped clean. They took every window right out of the frame of the house, all the siding, and every door. Then he realized that they cut down my tree to take my lawnmower. I loved that mower. It took me a long time to pay it off.”

Giancola reported the theft to local RCMP, who she said, haven’t been able to do much. “The didn’t really say much,” she explained. “Just that it was awful and the will see what they can do.”

While her daughter, Bella, has started a GoFundMe page for donations to help buy back what was stolen, the family just hopes that bringing attention to the crime by publishing her story will make whoever robbed them come forward and bring everything back. 

“But I’m told by everyone that it’s hopeful wishing. I’m just hoping for the best I guess,” Giancola said.

To help Giancola rebuild, check out