Fighting to save Lake Winnipeg

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A group of residents i in Silver Harbour have an active environment committee that is part of the Silver Harbour Property Owners Association.
The local environment committee have organized a meeting at the St. James Legion in Winnipeg to rally support to save Lake Winnipeg. Presenters include: Alexis Kenu from the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, Vicki Burns from the Lake Winnipeg Project, Candace Parks from Sustainable Development and Pascal Badiou from Ducks Unlimited.
According to local resident Fred Valdink, the committee discussed decided to contact other resident associations north and south of Gimli. In November, 2018 a meeting took place to find out how other groups felt about getting organized and taking initiatives regarding the health of Lake Winnipeg.
“The meeting was also attended by Mario Campbell of the Lake Winnipeg Fondation and Mayor Rick Gamble of Dunnotar,” Valdink said. “Everybody was positive and felt that we should pursue the matter.”
Valdink noted that earlier in 2019, Dave Curry, who is a member of the committee, took the initiative to contact groups on the east side of the Lake Winnipeg.
“His point man on the east side was Gord Campbell. It was decided to hold a meeting in September to explore how to deal with the problems of the lake. Lake Winnipeg had been in the news all summer long as the algae blooms were particularly bad on the east side,” Valdink said.
During the spring of 2018, MP Terry Duguid for Winnipeg South organized a meeting in Winnipeg on the Health of Lake Winnipeg. Valdink told The Interlake Spectator that a number of presenters focused on the various problems such as: Blue green algae blooms, zebra mussels and other invasive species, erosion, the dumping of raw sewage and the dumping of phosphorous as well as the destruction of wetlands.
“The Lake Winnipeg Foundation and others remarked that the info and the science is there but to get things moving (to get politicians moving) it is important that the grass roots, the ordinary citizens, get involved,” Valdink added.
At the meeting in September, which was held at the Selkirk library, it was decided to form the Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg. A steering committee was set up to study issues and to recommend to the Coalition possible actions.
To create even more awareness and to get politicians involved we decided to organize a major meeting for
We have invited MLAs as well as Munical politicians. Others include Brokenhead First Nation and the Manitoba Metis Federation. The sailors from Silver Harbour will also be represented. As of today we have 79 confirmed attendees. We still hope to hear from more politicians. Lisa Naylor and Jon Gerrard will be there.
The meeting is informative but we hope that one of the outcomes is some agreement on concrete action.
Our Silver Harbour committee has been busy collecting signatures for a petition that we sent to the Ministry of Conservation and Climate, asking that the Province prohibit the City of Winnipeg from dumping raw sewage into the rivers. We also asked that the City of Winnipeg not be given any more extensions regarding upgrades to the North End Sewage Treatment Plant.
I will forward the eventbrite invitation to the meeting in a separate email.
If you require more info. please email me at
or call me at 204 642 1643.