Dog's life spared

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According to Winnipeg Beach Council, a decision to order a pitbull be put down after it bit two local residents has been reversed.

Council is allowing the owner of the dog to find a suitable home in another municipality that will allow the pitbull.

Dog owner Brittany Moore, who accepts full responsibilty for the two incidents that occurred, said she is under a time crunch to find a new home for her dog, Axel.

“Axel is very reactive to bicycles and I accept full responsibly for his collar breaking on both occasions. On both occasions they were on bicycles and he chased the bikes and both of them had minor injuries on their feet ,not from him wanting to hurt them, but from him being excited. They didn’t require any stitches, but the people were still hurt. It’s not okay what happened to them but I don’t feel it’s warranted for Axel to be euthanized,” Moore explained to The Interlake Spectator on Aug. 30. “I’m just trying to keep my dog alive. He was going to be euthanized yesterday (Aug. 29) morning.”

Moore said she has received incredible support for her dog from not only the surrounding residents, but from those across Canada after she posted the story about her dog on her personal Facebook page.

Moore said that the Town of Winnipeg Beach is pitbull friendly and that there isn’t a bylaw prohibiting residents from owning such a breed.
Winnipeg Beach mayor Tony Pimentel said that there was never a court order to put the dog down.

“It has been confirmed that two people were bitten by the dog,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel said that council contacted all parties involved and that a hearing was held Aug. 25.

Moore attended the hearing with town council and that she received a letter from town council about the decision to have her dog put down on Aug. 29 at 9:30 a.m.
Pimentel said that based on council’s decision, Moore then posted on her Facebook at 10 p.m. Aug. 27 about what was about to happen to her dog.

“She posted the letter that we sent her encouraging other people to email us, to protest us, to call us, to phone the office, all of these things,” Pimentel said. “I don’t stay up and read Facebook. I don’t read Facebook period.”

Since that particular public post, Pimentel said that some dog trainers were willing to take on the dog in the interim.

“We are giving them (people who have been criticizing town council) the opportunity now, if they truly want to save that dog, to contact the dog owner and have the dog released to them to take care of the dog properly,” he explained.

Moore added that under the rules from the town, she has to find another RM that will accept her dog. The date set for her to find a new home for Axel is by Sept. 8 at midnight. If she is unable to find him a new home, the scheduled euthanized will go forward.

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