Arborg Heritage Village to host Murder Mystery show

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre plays host to “Case of the Edge of the Woods”on Sept. 14. It was the fourth installment of the murder mystery presented by the Manitoba Mystery Co. Pictured: Inspector Buchanan rests his feet while trying to piece together what he has found. Photo by Brook Jones, Interlake Publishing

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Manitoba Mystery Co. will bring the “Case at the Edge of the Woods” to the Arborg & District Multicultural Heritage Village on Sept. 29. The Arborg Heritage Village will host two evening performances of the theatrical murder mystery tour at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

This show will be the fourth instalment of murder mystery productions coming from the team that brought you “Farmhouse Horror” in 2015 and “Case of the Murder Oak” in 2016.

The Manitoba Mystery Co. and Sunbean Productions brings immersive and interactive murder mystery tours to Winnipeg starting this fall. Led by charming detectives, the audience will be on the move and will encounter various characters, discover clues and by the end of the show, decide who is guilty of the murder.

Based on a true story set in 1943

The live theatre experience based on a true cold case Manitoba crime story will be unique, filled with intrigue, laughs, and put you right in the middle of a small town scandal.

When Park Warden, Eddie Kendrick, is brutally murdered in his study after an evening of socializing with friends, Inspector Buchanan is determined to make things right.

Hunters have taken up house in Bloom for the winter, and medical interns are stationed in the town. Inspector Buchanan must unravel this mystery before the killer strikes again; but he can only do it with the help of his partner, Constable Basil Johnson, a nosy reporter, Harriet Lockwood, and “you”.

With seven years of experience behind them, Manitoba Mystery Co . has grown from its humble first-year beginnings to a full, interactive staged theatrical performance that is of national theatrical calibre. The actors involved with Manitoba Mystery Co. are composed mostly of students and alumni from the University of Winnipeg Honors Program for Theatre Performance. Originally conceived by Museums & Heritage Consultant, Tracey Turner MA C.S., and drama instructor, Christopher Kitchen of A&E Entertainment; Turner felt a play based in true historic, local events would lend to visitors experience and help highlight and bridge connections between museum collections, built heritage, and ourselves. “Case at the Edge of the Woods” script was written, developed, and produced by Miranda Moroz and Eston Ferraton, both of whom are content creators working in theatre and film.

What you need to know:

  Shows are immersive and will adapt to any environment. If the show is at an outdoor venue, the shows will be outdoors, so appropriate dress is important. 

  This show is site-specific, so there will be walking involved. 

  Average show length is approximately 70 minutes. 

  This show is rated PG, as it does contain crime related mature content themes, but depicts no direct graphic violence.

  There is a two-performance per night maximum with *Character meet and greet before or after the show.

  This show is great to attend solo or as a group.

  The audience is invited to dress up for the decade.

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