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    Q&A with Steve Madden

    After 24 years in two different provinces (Ontario and PEI), I moved to Alberta in the mid-1990s and, upon arrival, immediately started work in the oil industry while starting up ...
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    Q&A with Tina Alexander-Luna

    Mezzo-soprano, Tina Alexander-Luna, has her masters in voice performance from the University of Ottawa and an advanced certificate in performance from the University of Toronto.
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    Grande Prairie-Mackenzie live results

    Follow our live election map to determine how Grande Prairie-Mackenzie voted.The Grande Prairie-Mackenzie riding has five candidates running in the 2019 Canadian federal election on Monday, Oct.
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    Q&A with Sandi Stetson

    Sandi obtained her bachelor of physical education from the University of Alberta. Her first job after university was to set up and manage the brand new Be Fit For Life ...
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    Q&A with Ryan Aasman

    Ryan Aasman is the assistant coach of the Grande Prairie Storm.I was born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alta.
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    Q&A with Nan Swanston

    Grande Prairie has been my home all my life. My grandfather homesteaded on Clairmont Lake so I am truly born and raised in this great city.
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    Q&A with Angela Redding

    My husband Pax and I have two daughters, Kaydence and Abbigayle who have made our titles of Mom and Dad the most rewarding.
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    Q&A with Darren Robertson

    Darren Robertson was appointed Principal of Teepee Creek School for the 2019-2020 school year. In addition to serving as Assistant Principal of Hythe Regional School (HRS) last year, Mr.